Heaven Can Wait

This song is dedicated to the memory of Whitney Houston, a beloved vocal artist who was recently killed by FDA-approved prescription medications and sadly became the latest victim of the deadly pharmaceutical industry (with its "pop another pill" marketing and advertising).

"Heaven Can Wait" encourages children and teens to throw away their dangerous psychiatric drugs and prescription medications. Instead, they are inspired to find meaning and happiness in being who they truly are without turning to chemical intervention and psychiatric drugs.

Heaven Can Wait - (Amethios) - Dedicated to Whitney Houston by Amethios


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Video Production Stills

Here are a few photos taken during production of the music video:

Production Notes

This song has been in production for a full year, on and off. The music was completed in the summer of 2011, and the vocals were recorded in my home studio using little more than a PC laptop and Cakewalk Sonar software.

Principal video photography was done in studios in South Austin in July, 2011, and then editing of the video was pursued on and off in the months since then.

The final video combines live footage filmed in studio with a few royalty-free videos and images licensed on the web. The teen actor in the video is Hunter Dersch, based in Austin, Texas. He did a great job on the video shoot and has done a lot of work in various film and broadcast projects. See more credits below...

The exotic vocalist

The "exotic" vocalist for the song is Naga Valli, whose voice adds a powerful dimension to the entire song. She's also based in Austin, Texas, and has done work on a long list of vocal projects. She's incredibly talented, as you might have guessed, and we hope to have her work on other projects in the future.

You can find her website at: www.NagaValli.com

The teen actor

The teen boy actor is Hunter Dersch, who has appeared in numerous film projects. His Facebook page is at:


(Send him a note on Facebook if you enjoyed his work!)

Photography and crew

Mike Angelo Torres and Tom Campbell did the photography on the video. They were also the photographers for my previous song, We're Doin' Alright.

The production company was Region-C with Ashlee Cohen, in Austin, Texas.

Music: Andy Dollerson and Jacob Owen

The music for this song was produced in an unusual way. I had written the lyrics and actually recorded the lyrics based on a different music track. I approached Andy and Jacob to write a new music track that would be more inspiring than the original and still manage to match the existing vocals. (This is not a wise way to write a finished song. It's much more efficient to finalize the music before you record the vocals, but that's not the way this song happened...)

They did an amazing job, as you can now hear for yourself. They also recorded the vocals of Naga Valli, whose angelic voice added a whole new dimension to the song.

Check out Jake Owen's website at: www.JakeOwen.com

Andy Dollerson was the key musician on this piece, and I worked with him on and off for many weeks in the studio, going over each detail in the song to get the mix "just right." He's an extremely talented musician and final mix master, and he's done a lot of work on high-end video game music as well. You can find him at: www.AndyDollerson.com

Together with Jake Owen, he has just launched a new music production company and website: DOsounds, LLC. See the announcement (and listen to some music samples) at: http://andydollerson.com/2012/02/website/

The website for their new music production company is: www.DOsounds.com

If you're a video game company, a high-end music producer, or a filmmaker who needs score music, I highly recommend Andy and Jake. They're professional, extremely talented, and now becoming increasingly well known for their work on various projects, including the Amethios songs we've been publishing.

Song Lyrics

Did you think you were the only lonely one
Did you say you want to meet the Holy one
It's all in your head.
You're not better off dead.

You think your life is so unbearable
With those pills in your hand be careful
How much can you take
But it's just a mistake

Heaven can wait
there's another, there's another, there's another, there's another way
there's another, there's another, there's another, there's a brighter day
You're alive
Look inside
Feel the life

You showed the world the love you always had
Then they turned around and stabbed you in the back
You feel the pain
Don't want to feel it again
Listen to me friend

They don't recognize the gifts you have inside
You don't have to run away don't have to hide
It's time to break free
From those old memories

Heaven can wait
Whatever happened in the past is gone
whatever makes you struggle makes you strong
time is wastin' so let's move on it doesn't
matter if you're thinking you were right or wrong

You gotta hold on to tomorrow
Let go of the sorrow don't get caught in the back flow
Cause you all know where it all goes if you don't let go

There's still so much in life ahead of you
No one else can take your place instead of you
Imagine a time
When your world is just fine

If your find your circumstances haunt your mind
Take your chances on yourself, you're gonna find
Reach out to a friend
It's a beginning not an end
Reach out reach out cuz it's all a new beginning not an end

With the eyes of a child always seeking
They're searching for life as if they want to say

I'm gonna make good with life
I think that I'm gonna pray
I'm gonna make sure I see things right

I gotta keep moving on
Move on move on
Movin' on with all my heart
I gotta have faith in life
Gonna make a fresh start
There's somethin I gotta do
I'm gonna do it all for myself
I think I can make this right
And get us back in perfect health
Heaven can wait
Heaven can wait
Don't you know
Heaven can wait.

Song and Lyrics © 2012 by Mike Adams, All Rights Reserved.

Rights & Permissions: Permission granted for non-commercial use by any person or organization whose primary purpose is opposing vaccines or teaching people about alternatives. Contact us for commercial use or any additional permissions requests (we grant permissions for documentaries, radio shows, etc.)